The thing about love... is that it's not ALL ABOUT ME.

Let's face it - a blog wouldn't really exist long without it's readers. That's you! I want you all to be part of this love journey with me. I want to hear YOUR thoughts, YOUR opinions, and YOUR stories. I want to know what YOU are all about.

Every month will have a theme. I'll write a post with my opinion and stories on the theme - and then the rest is up to YOU. There will be other posts that I put up throughout the month that has nothing to do with the theme, but at least once a week I would LOVE to have a guest post that corresponds with the theme or topic. Or maybe you want to guest blog about something other than that months topic - that's cool too!

These are what I have so far for 2012. None of these are set in stone and I am open to any suggestions and ideas.

January: Unlikely Inspiration
February: How I See Love
March: Beautiful Friends
April: April Fools
May: The Secret Place
June: Art that Touches My Soul
July: Words to Live By
August: Sharing the Love
September: All God's Creatures
October: Faith to See Beyond What I Can See
November: My Family
December: Light in Darkness

A few things to note if you choose to contribute:
  • People of all faiths, beliefs, and backgrounds read this blog- which I love! So thoughts such as: "Oh, I'm not a Christian, or the same denomination as Emily... so I shouldn't post." - NOT TRUE. You all have thoughts, opinions, and stories- and I want to hear them. <3
  • Keeping the above in mind - still keep your posts appropriate for ALL audiences, and we all need to respect each other even if we don't agree.
  • Length: I do not have a word limit or anything for posts. Just be sure your entry is complete without boring people.
  • Style: whatever works for you. Words, pictures, videos, poetry, music, the sky is the limit! Don't feel like you have to stick to a "traditional" blog style. 
  • I'm not looking for specific things for each topic. Each month I will explain what the topic is - but feel free to interpret it as you choose!
  • When writing your post, please include a short bio and links to how we can contact you. (Unless you wish to remain anonymous - that's OK!) Don't have a blog? That's okay! I still want to hear your story.
  • Send all posts to my email: lovewokemeupthismorning [at] gmail [dot] com
I can't wait to hear your stories and your opinions! 2012 is going to be wonderful. If you have any questions please contact me.

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